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Decodificador 4.1 18 pin, Piko 46402

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The Pico Smart decoder 4.1 Next 18 is a universally applicable digital decoder of the latest generation with a variety of light outputs and a 0.8 A motor control. The Pico Smart decoder 4.1 Controls The Data Formats DCC with Rail-Com Plus ®, Motorola and Selectrix® and can also be used on analogue systems. The decoder detects the respective mode automatically.

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  • Fully automatic detection of operating modes
  • Operating modes, MM, DCC Selectrix®, DC and AC
  • Motor current of 0.8 A
  • Engine surge current 2.0 A
  • Total current function outputs 0.4 A
  • 6 additional special function outputs
  • Micro Susi
  • Programmable Motor Characteristic
  • Braking distance modes
  • Short-circuit and over temperature protection
  • Dimensions: 14.7 x 8.6 x 2.9 mm.

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